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 Dr. Faus has been working with Ozone Therapy for the last 25 years and

 for mor than 10 years using Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P.). 

 His pioneering use of P.R.P combined with Ozone has given an amazing increase in results, because of the  outstanding results he has achieved he decided to spread his knowledge. 

He teaches his P.R.P. medical technique at a Seminar each year, to all doctors who want to know more about this outstanding and pioneering therapeutically technique.


-Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of Valencia

   9582-Valencia (1973-1989)

- Expert in Homeopathy: Lyon, Baden-Baden and Bologna.

-Member of the SIA (International Acupuncture Society) Dr. Nguyen Van Ghi.

- Structural Osteopathy: Dr. Hernan Silva and Dr. George Dies.


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